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Hailey Berkey

The Flavor Maker, OTR Artist in Residence, Ice Queen

Over 14 years of food and beverage experience Hailey is a successful restaurateur, cook, bartender and all around gastronome. A renaissance woman, Hailey has raised farm animals, traveled around the globe, studied anthropology, Chinese, art, food, wine, and hospitality. Hailey believes it is the combination of details and creativity make all the difference in creating memories. True hospitality is connecting the links between food, drink, flavor, culture, human connection, and memories. Proudly rocking the term Jill of all trades, Master of None, Hailey knows that  mastery takes years and is enjoying the journey to ice mastery. Hailey opened The Nook Neighborhood Bistro in 2014 and when she’s not curating guests experiences at the restaurant you can find her working at the ice studio on ice sculptures, carvings, ice art. And when she’s not at one of her two business, you’ll find her trying to keep her houseplants alive, hanging out with her cats, hiking, swimming or headed to a yoga class.

Hailey Berkey On the Rock founding member.  

Focuses on art, design, marketing, sales, and production

In her words:

  • Turn ons:  "a strong garnish game"

  • Turn offs: "a shaken old-fashioned"

  • Favorite sound: "The tinging of a nice ice cube hitting the side of a glass because guests can’t stop looking at its beauty and they keep playing with their drink."

  • Favorite song: "Frozen by Madonna"

  • Favorite clear ice style: "OTR lux ice featuring locally grown flowers."

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Chris Chaney

The Bar Man, The People Pleaser

Stirrer and Shaker of Boozy Beverages

Chris is always searching for new and progressive techniques and products to make cocktails look and taste as perfect as they can. Crystal clear ice is just one of the many aspects that go into creating a perfect beverage and Chris is stoked to be providing this vital aspect to bars and restaurants across Oahu. With an exclusive background in food and beverage since the age of 18, Chris never thought he would know so much about freezing water but has come to appreciate the craft with a new found respect for clear ice. Chris fell in love with the food and beverage industry the moment he started working in a bakery in Richmond, Va. From there he expanded his F&B knowledge in Charleston, SC before moving to Honolulu to hold the title of GM at Livestock Tavern and The Nook, Neighborhood Bistro. When Chris isn’t running a band saw, you’ll find him barbecuing on the beach, hiking a new peak, or out searching for the next best cocktail.

Chris Chaney On the Rock founding member.  

Focuses on quality control, R&D and production.

In his words:

  • Turn ons: “Seeing a guest’s reaction to the sight and taste of a cocktail.”

  • Turn offs: “An expensive cocktail being served on impure ice, it’s a tragedy. Nothing in this world is more disgusting to me than a beautifully crafted spirit or cocktail being chilled and diluted with cloudy white ice, it’s actually making me nauseous just thinking about it.”

  • Favorite sound: “The muffled sound of a busy bar; people talking, the sound of a cocktail being shaken, and glasses being banged together in celebration”

  • Favorite song: “Today Was a Good Day by Ice Cube”

  • Favorite clear ice style: “5x5x5 punch block, served with a smile!”

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Edmund Coccagna

Mad Scientist, The Waterman, Captain Ed

Ed’s background in the natural sciences, chemistry, biology, and physics has to lead to a quest to conquer cloudy ice through an understanding of the natural world. He loves how sexy clear ice looks, especially in sunlight and believes OTR ice is a bartender's best friend! Ed loves the bar geek world and can talk your ear off about directional freezing, controlled dilution, melting rates relative to humidity and temperature and well, you get the point, ice science things, he is your man. When Ed is not at the ice studio you find him captaining a boat, sailing, fishing, surfing, working on a 1987 Westie or strumming the guitar.

Edmund Coccagna On the Rock founding member.  

Focuses on logistics, science, sanitation, and production.

In his words:

  • Turn ons:  "clear ice and whiskey"

  • Turn offs:  "perfectly balanced drinks ruined by not being served on sexy clear ice"

  • Favorite sound: "the hum of the bandsaw breaking down clear ice into geometric perfection"

  • Favorite song:  "Ice Ice baby - Vanilla Ice"

  • Favorite clear ice style:  "Collins cube"

Clinebell Machines .jpg

Clinebell Equipment

The Power Houses, Mac Daddy’s

The OTR Muscle - Peachy and Teddy

Clinebell Equipment is world renowned American made ice equipment. Family owned and operated they are industry leaders and partners to the craft ice and ice art industries. They harness science and time to create the best known ice to man.

Clinebell Equipment  On the Rock founding members.  

Focus on producing clear ass ice.

In their words:

  • Turn ons: we are always ready

  • Turn offs: someone who doesn’t value the perfect ice we create

  • Favorite sound: ice freezing

  • Favorite song: Let It Go, because the cold never bothered us anyway.

  • Favorite clear ice style: It’s all good